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Growth increases the exchequer’s tax take, reduces the need for welfare as recipients find their way back into work, and increases the size of the economy against which the debt and deficit are measured. Growth is the result of the creation of new jobs that provide consumers and government with goods and services. Once the budget is in balance, growth provides the basis for the real-terms increases in public spending which will pay for improved public services and infrastructure. Without growth, the path back to prosperity and economic security will be far steeper.

Going for growth is a new collection of essays published jointly by ippr, Left Foot Forward and German think-tank Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – an esteemed collection of authors includes ippr’s senior economist Tony Dolphin, NEE panel member Charlie Leadbetter, NEE collaborator Adam Lent and former ippr director Gerald Holtham. The book’s focus is the role of smart government in creating the conditions for growth, and therefore jobs.

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Author: Edited by Will Straw

Contributors: Philippe Legrain, Duncan Weldon, Gustav
Horn, Richard Seline, Charles Leadbeater, Kitty Ussher, Adam Lent,
Gerald Holtham, Andy Westwood, Stian Westlake, Anna Turley, Tony Dolphin