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A new era is under way for global high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship, marked by the rise of China, declares Yinglan Tan in Chinnovation: How Chinese innovators are changing the world ( “During the past several decades, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other cities have developed as centres in key information communication technology industries. More recently, from Beijing to Pearl River Delta, markets for new products are expanding, competencies in new technologies are growing, and a new generation of high-technology regions is emerging,” he notes.
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Ruing that innovation in China is a topic understood by very few, the author cites a typical quote, of ‘a well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalist' – that Chinese people aren't entrepreneurial, they don't create things, and they're just good at ripping them off. However, after interviewing a variety of entrepreneurs, the author reports that the reverse is true. “These start-up founders are as scrappy and willing to take risks as their peers anywhere, at times even surpassing the people who flocked to Silicon Valley in the late 1990s.”

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Author: D. Murali