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Emile Wamsteker/BLOOMBERG -  The New York City skyline is seen across from the Hudson River from the Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City, June 15, 2011.

A recent study provides one more argument against government officials who tout “industry clusters” as the Holy Grail of regional growth and innovation.

The formula for creating these clusters is always the same: Pick a hot industry, build a technology park next to a research university, provide incentives for businesses to relocate, add some venture capital and then watch the magic happen. But, as I have noted before, the magic never happens. Most of the top-down cluster-development projects in the United States and around the world have died a slow death in relative obscurity. Politicians who held the press conferences to claim credit for advancing science and technology are long gone. Management consultants have cashed in their big checks. Real estate barons have reaped fortunes, and taxpayers are left holding the ba


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Author: Vivek Wadhwa