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WITH the Bay Area Council opening its first overseas office in Yangpu District, local entrepreneurs and companies will have access to some of the biggest high-tech multinational firms in the world, Fei Lai reports.

This week the spotlight is on Yangpu District, focusing on building its economy around innovative industries. The district has attracted the Bay Area Council of San Francisco, California, to open its first overseas office in Shanghai.

"The office opening is part of a long cooperation between the Bay Area Council and Yangpu in support of our innovation urban development plan," said Chen Yin, Party secretary of Yangpu District. "Yangpu's emphasis on technology, innovation and a transformation to business through financial supports and services makes the Bay Area an obvious partner."

Located in the district's Knowledge and Innovation Community, the council's office now serves to encourage trade and investment between China and the Bay Area, and assist Bay Area companies in bringing bright minds and technologies to bear in China's development.

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Author: Fei Lai