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Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s stubbornly immovable president, has long resisted in-game technology to assist soccer referees. But after two more blown calls on Sunday threatened to overshadow the World Cup, he inched toward acknowledging what a worldwide audience could see for themselves: Soccer is ready for the 21st century.

England’s Frank Lampard was robbed of an obvious goal by out-of-position officials in a loss to Germany. And Argentina’s Carlos Tevez scored an off-sides (read: illegal) goal that was allowed in a win over Mexico. Blatter apologized to the English and Mexican teams. "It would be nonsense not to reopen the file on goal-line technology,” he told the media.

Here’s a sensible game plan -- plus coaching from an innovator in goal line technology -- for late-adopters Blatter and FIFA.

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Author: Chuck Salter