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What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?Before taking the leap and starting or buying your own business, it would be helpful to know whether you're cut out for the task. Though there's no mathematical formula for figuring out the exact traits of a successful entrepreneur, there are some fairly objective criteria by which you should judge yourself before making what is inherently a very risky move.

Have you ever considered whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

You might think that there aren't many objective ways by which you can assess your entrepreneurial ability.

Actually, there are.

What Is Your Personality Type?

One of the quickest ways by which you can get some idea of your innate talents for entrepreneurship is to do a Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) search with the key words "personality types." Actually, such a search will reveal almost 3 million results. So, you have quite a bit of information that can guide you in determining whether your personality traits would serve you well as a self-employed person.

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Author: Theodore F. di Stefano