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distributed team communicationIf you're like many of today's angel and venture funded companies, you are doing more with less and your team is distributed hither and yon. Your programmers are in India, your test team in Guatemala, and your sales force in 5 cities across the U.S. Even your management team is spread between Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.

You are certainly saving on office expenses and utilizing the most talented and cost effective resources, but how do you keep your team on the same page? How do you lead a distributed workforce and provide transparency within and between teams?

Technology solutions have certainly enabled organizations with distributed teams to work in new and wonderful ways. Just being able to see the person you're talking to, face-to-face, on Skype is a huge advantage -- as long as you remembered to get fully dressed that morning, of course. In fact, a morning (for the local timezone) video conference will ensure that everyone is up early, dressed, and ready to roll. There are plenty who will disagree, but I believe that working in pajamas or sweat pants is not a productivity enhancer.

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Author: Lisa Hjorten