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Registration Link: NHLBI Catalyze webinar


Topic: The NHLBI Catalyze Preclinical Program informational webinar

Time: January 26, 2021 3:00 PM EST


The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute recently launched the Catalyze program to empower and support translational research through a comprehensive suite of funding, technical services, training, and mentorship to translational investigators working across NHLBI's entire heart, lung, blood, and sleep portfolio.

Projects supported by NHLBI Catalyze receive funding, project management support, access to technical services and expertise, advisory services (IP, regulatory, commercialization), training opportunities, access to best practices and the opportunity to become part of an innovation network.

The NHLBI Catalyze Program funding initiatives support product development, including product definition, preclinical research and development from post-discovery to Phase I trial readiness, and enabling technologies and transformative platforms that address heart, lung, blood and sleep diseases and disorders.