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For years now, one of the central changes that’s been happening in the ad industry--or, a change that the industry has been trying to effect--has been the shift from the notion of making ads (that is, one-off messages that run for a short, pre-determined period of time) to the idea of making content, and having an ongoing conversation with consumers. You can see that evolution reflected in Super Bowl commercials.

Everyone (including us) has been discussing the Amazing Expanding Super Bowl Commercial--the phenomenon whereby marketers are using the mass broadcast event as a focal point around which they are building larger, longer social media and video initiatives. Brands want to make hay while people are actively paying attention to ads, of course, and to make the most of a big ($3.5-$4 million dollars just for media) investment. But the shift from Super Bowl spot to Super Bowl campaign is part of that bigger move toward always-on content.

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