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Product design brand patent trademark copyright gr 2022 04 20 22 37 03 utcWhen creating a trademark, entrepreneurs in many cases do not take into account the requirements of the relevant legislation on trademark registration.

One of the common cases in practice is that the trademark is already well known on the market, the entrepreneur has not yet registered it, submits an application for registration a little later than the start of activity, and when applying for registration is denied due to non-compliance with the relevant requirement.


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Handsome mature entrepreneur talking with smart ph 2022 01 11 23 53 02 utcWarning: This one might sting for all you 9-to-5'ers out there pounding personal growth and spirituality books. Wooooosaaaaahhh. Relax.

Don't bite my head off just yet. We all want to "live our best life," no? In my humble opinion, entrepreneurship is not only the best shortcut, but the only true path to maxing out your life. Here's why:

The upside of personal growth books

You can become a better you doing it this way. And I'm not saying you shouldn't read books that open and expand your mind. That's not what this is about. What this is about is giving you a proven path, an ace in the hole.


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African man working at cafe 2022 02 02 03 57 51 utcThe world has changed dramatically in two short years, leading many of us to pause and reset. If you’re like the millions of employees who left their companies to pursue something different, you might have gotten a bit more than you bargained for.

You may have only met your team on video and be feeling a bit disconnected. Instead of having memorable experiences with people, you may be memorizing names and faces, trying to figure out who to go to for what, or wondering how to get more visibility.

That smooth onboarding experience you expected might feel more like a bumpy ride.


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Apple store logo -’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will kick off today with the keynote at 10 am PDT (10.30 pm IST). The event will be hosted in an online format from June 6-10. The keynote address will be available via, the Apple Developer app, the Apple TV app, and YouTube, with on-demand playback available after the conclusion of the stream.

In addition to the online conference, Apple will be hosting a special day for developers and students at Apple Park on June 6 to watch the keynote and State of the Union videos together, along with the online community, adding an offline element to the event after two years of being entirely virtual. The event is free for all developers.


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People crowd walking on busy street 2021 08 26 17 18 57 utcThe notion of creating a startup company might appeal to a large group of people but only a few will attempt to actually start a company. Why? Several reasons but the most important might be the fear of failure. According to the Small Business Administration, in 2019, the failure rate of startups was around 90%. Quite often when looking at why the companies failed, it might be because the company should have never been started. Sometimes it’s a solution in search of a problem, a failed set of assumptions or most importantly, there was no clear marketplace.


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Focused asian male ceo writing on glass board with 2022 05 30 19 29 51 utcSomeone could be an expert in designing and building pools, but that doesn’t make them a great swimmer.

That was the first lesson I learned when I made a big career switch from VC to CEO. After several years at the top Bay Area venture capital firms, I had decided to go to the other side and become cofounder and chief executive of a cybersecurity company.


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35003e91 5814 40f7 978a ba4df5b8279dEvery so often a promising entrepreneur seems to freeze in the oncoming headlights and gets run over by his competition. Why is it that his idea which seemed so fundable only months ago fails to attract investors today? The team is the same. The company's market is the same.

The only change might be a visible new competitor, or another economic downturn, resulting in investors holding their money, and that makes all the difference. Herein lies a key principle of decision making - “Any decision is better than no decision.”

Image: Startup Professionals Musings

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Young Entrepreneur Council members suggest looking for these things when applying to a startup accelerator.PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS.One path for starting a business is to leverage a startup accelerator. These programs offer mentorship and education to new business owners while providing funding opportunities in exchange for equity. You may even find there are certain nuances and eligibility requirements to abide by during your search for the right startup accelerator.

Image: Young Entrepreneur Council members suggest looking for these things when applying to a startup accelerator.PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS.

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Rock climber at sunset kalymnos island greece 2022 02 02 05 06 51 utcFive years ago, Alex Honnold scaled the sheer face of the 3,000-foot El Capitan escarpment alone and without ropes—the only person to have ever done so. Honnold has great skill and discipline, but he is also blessed with a special brain: an MRI scan has shown that his brain doesn’t register fear.


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Healthy lifestyle 2022 02 17 16 58 04 utcWe all open social media and are reminded of others' successful lives: a picture perfect viewpoint of a struggle-free life. We know it's not an accurate representation of the ups and downs, yet we still compare that "lookbook" to our actual lives.

That feeling you get while comparing yourself to them? Yeah, we all feel it. As business owners, it's even further drilled into our hearts and minds by the sharing of Gary Vaynerchuk-esque motivational videos and other meme-formatted graphics that portray the path to success is a constant grind and long-term sacrifice.


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Scout Autonomous Software. Photo: ScoutNASA is awarding nearly $50 million total in awards to small businesses and research institutions to support space technology, the agency announced May 26. The funds are part of Phase I of the agency’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program.

The investments are spread out over 39 states and the District of Columbia, supporting 333 proposals from 257 small businesses and 41 research institutions. Each proposal team will receive $150,000 – a 20% increase over previous years’ funding. Phase I SBIR contracts are awarded to small businesses and last for six months, while Phase I STTR contracts are awarded to small businesses in partnership with a research institution and last for 13 months.

Image: Scout Autonomous Software. Photo: Scout

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