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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.

Bernie Carlson

It is tempting to apply the old saying, “East is East, West is West, but the twain shall never meet,” to science and entrepreneurship.  In the popular imagination, scientists discover new knowledge while entrepreneurs build companies to launch new products.  Most people assume that scientists are motivated by the high ideal of advancing human progress while entrepreneurs are driven by the base motives of ego and greed.  Like oil and water, science and entrepreneurship, it would seem, don’t mix.


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Scientists have known for some time the ocean is acidifying because of climate change. The seas’ absorption of human-generated carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is well documented, along with the harm it is causing ocean creatures like shellfish.

But what about freshwater? Is it also soaking up atmospheric carbon? A new paper published today in Current Biology presents some of the first evidence that the answer may be yes, but perhaps not the same way as occurs in the ocean.


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Steve Jobs was 21 years old when he met Mike Markkula in 1976. Jobs had been urged to seek out the 30-something consultant to help figure out how to turn Apple into a business. Markkula, a marketing expert, had made enough money at Intel (where Andy Grove famously believed that marketers didn’t actually do anything) to spend his time woodworking and playing tennis. His big idea for Jobs? Write a business plan.


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Recently, Duolingo hit a milestone that we are very proud of: our incoming software engineer hires from universities have reached a 50:50 gender ratio.1 This is a significant achievement in light of the historical gender imbalance in the tech industry. However, it didn’t happen by chance. Instead it was the result of a new recruiting strategy that required changes to how we approach hiring software engineers.


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Is this the dawn of the multi-day laptop battery?

“Always connected personal computers” — or ACPCs — refer to a new breed of Windows laptops with three key features: a battery that can last multiple days; instant-on access when you open the lid or touch a key; and an optional high-speed cellular connection, to avoid hunting for a Wi-Fi hotspot to get online.

In other words, your laptop is going to behave a lot more like your smartphone.

Qualcomm – the world’s largest smartphone chip maker — is largely spearheading this emerging category. This marks the San Diego-based company’s second foray into the computer space, after the Windows RT mobile operating system failed to catch on after it debuted in 2012.


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In their early stages, start-ups generally pay less and provide fewer employee benefits than companies in the corporate world. However, they still attract their share of talent as start-ups typically offer a vital environment that allows for exponential learning and development. But what happens when a venture founder turns out to be a micro-manager? It can kill morale, growth and soon the start-up itself. Having co-launched over 20 start-ups, I have seen it first-hand.


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Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brings us countless new products. Of course, most of them don’t matter or even make it to market. Most of them are just, like, shoe polishers with 3D glasses and Netflix support. But look closely and there are always gems hidden among the thousands of products that launch during this one week in Las Vegas.

Image: Razer, Lenovo, Toyota -

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2tarot cards017 was full of surprises–some of them more welcome than others. There’s no reason to expect this year won’t also hold its fair share of unexpected events. But the fact remains that every CEO is by necessity a futurist, charged with setting a course based as much on prior experience and current trends as on a best-guess forecast of what’s to come. So Fast Company reached out to 10 CEOs across a wide range of industries for their predictions on the top issues, ideas, challenges, and changes business leaders will be discussing this time next year. Here’s what they said.


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amazon alexa

When people arrived in Las Vegas to attend CES this week, one of the first things they noticed was Google’s massive promotional campaign for its Google Assistant service. There are ads hanging on the sides of buildings, painted on trains, and splashed on the screens of hotel room TVs.

The effort is one of many signals that artificial intelligence is a huge theme at this year’s show–mainly in the form of digital assistants like the Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. Google wants those ads to create the vibe that its Assistant is the go-to choice for consumer electronics companies looking to build a brain into their device.


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John Austin is a man with a mission: to revive the Rust Belt. The former president of the Michigan State Board of Education, he is also a researcher at the Brookings Institution and has been the director of multiple nonprofit organizations and government commissions. In 2006 he produced a plan for Rust Belt regional revitalization. Now, in a series of blog posts for Brookings, Austin has been evaluating which local development strategies have worked, and which have failed. 


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Video from onboard the cruise that traveled through the bomb cyclone

Nothing like a completely avoidable disaster to totally ruin your expensive cruise.

The massive cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway departed New York on Dec. 29, 2017, as it does nearly every week. But this time was different, thanks to the massive bomb cyclone winter storm that rocked the East Coast.

Traveling through the storm was completely avoidable, but Norwegian Cruise Line powered on to its original itinerary, heading directly through it. 

YouTuber RedCurtainEnt was on that journey and managed to compile some of the more exciting moments from the cruise — like flooded hallways, snowy decks, a ton of leaking ceilings, passengers struggling to walk upright, and a whole lotta wind and rough seas. 


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cell phone

Over the last decade, social media platforms have taken the world by storm. Facebook now boasts over 2 billion monthly active users. Instagram sits at 800 million active users. Snapchat has about 180 million daily active users, who send a total of 3.5 billion snaps each day.

Some pessimistic observers question the legitimacy of these budding social networks. They might think that these apps are a waste of time and wonder why so many people are obsessed with them.


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