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Sorry big tech startups now are the innovators ex Cisco CEO says CNET

For the last decade, big tech companies have wooed top students from universities to sustain their pace of innovation. But these days, young talent just isn't interested, said John Chambers, who for years ran one of those tech giants.

Chambers, formerly chief executive of network equipment giant Cisco and starting this year the leader of venture capital firm JC2 Ventures, now has a vested interest in the startup world. And he regularly tours top universities -- Stanford, MIT, the École Polytechnique in France, the Indian Institutes of Technology in India in the last month -- to survey the mood.

Image: JC2 Ventures leader and former Cisco CEO John Chambers speaks at Techonomy 2018. - Stephen Shankland/CNET

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Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon

After a highly competitive site selection process that had communities across the U.S. touting their qualifications, Amazon has selected New York City and Arlington, VA, as the locations for the company’s new headquarters. Amazon will invest $5 billion and create more than 50,000 jobs across the two new headquarters locations, with more than 25,000 employees each in New York City and Arlington. The new locations will join Seattle as the company’s three headquarters in North America.


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Already anointed by The New Yorker as the “head of the resistance,” Gavin Newsom could well think he’s also king of California politics. He can both sell himself as the model of progressive virtue and also lord of the world’s fifth-largest economy, home to three of the world’s most powerful and influential companies.


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Growing up on the Indonesian island of Java, Madeline Kusnadi always dreamed of someday working and living in the United States. It was a dream born partly from watching American television shows like Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place.

“I have always idolized America since I was in sixth grade,” Kusnadi said.

Image: U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Career Center - At the U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, international students can participate in a course to develop “soft” skills for job interviews.

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We should all plead guilty of email addiction. It’s made us anxious, stressed, and miserable. Yet, email is the most common form of communication in every industry, department, and country.

Last year alone, the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received each day was 269 billion, and that’s projected to grow to 319.6 billion in the next three years. We also spend about 2.6 hours each day reading and answering them, which amounts to 27 days of email each year.


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It’s the question that every candidate who has been fired dreads. “So why did you leave your last job?”

A candidate that does their research before the interview will find many articles telling them to craft a compelling narrative. Fast Company contributor Judith Humphrey previously wrote, “The challenge is to create a story that positions you positively in the eyes of potential employers–yet remains true to the facts.”


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Peter High

Seth Goldman was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, and throughout his life, he dreamed of ideas to pursue. That tendency was enhanced when he crossed paths with Yale School of Management Professor Barry Nalebuff while pursuing his graduate degree in business administration. The student impressed the professor with his insights, and his willingness to productively debate ideas in class. A couple of years after business school, Goldman went for a run in New York City, entered a convenience store, and despite his thirst, was not impressed by the usual suspect beverages on offer.


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To live a long healthy life, all you need is a hug, a bike and a crossword puzzle.  I’m simplifying, but seemingly every week new research is published highlighting the health benefits of staying physically, socially, and mentally active.

Where these studies fall short is that they tend to look at each of these areas in isolation. A longitudinal study of men out of Harvard found that having strong social connections helped keep men alive and healthy well into their 80s and 90s. A study out of the United Kingdom found that doing crossword puzzles helps keep brains active and staves off cognitive decline. And there are no shortages of studies that link physical activity to physical health.


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business women

An Entrepreneur is often pictured as a young adult, hardly out of college, with a dream (not necessarily a vision) to transform the world. While the stereotype has been confirmed through the astronomical success by a select group of individuals, the inconvenient truth still remains that most businesses fail. Confounding the stereotype, age (till a certain threshold), may be inversely correlative to entrepreneurial success.


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Put down the rake, and back away from the leaves.

Dry, dead leaves may be unsightly to your neighbors, but they are great wildlife habitat for a slew of creatures, according to David Mizejewski, a Naturalist at the National Wildlife Federation.

Each year the NWF, reminds people that there are benefits to letting leaves decompose naturally.


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organization chart

Strategy execution still requires organisation design and development skills. But here’s what it may look like in a world of big data and AI.

The skills needed to be a top-tier organisation development and design expert have changed almost overnight. Until recently, the typical profile involved an education in one of the social sciences or humanities, a career trajectory anchored in the HR function and first-hand experience in several major organisational transformation projects. These are all still useful, of course. However, what’s new and invaluable appears to be the ability to understand how big data and algorithms can be used to re-design organisations.


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