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Entrepreneurship has been seriously glamorized.

Everywhere you look, people are extolling the values of hustling, grinding, and burning the candle from both ends. If you just put in the work, the story goes, you’re going to be riding in Lambos and rolling in money.

Yeah, maybe.

The reality is that entrepreneurship is an emotional roller-coaster–it’s either going to kill you or make you stronger. Most entrepreneurs out there are wrestling with this flux day in and day out. No doubt, the lifestyle can be exciting. The work can be incredibly fulfilling. But it can also be insanely stressful at times.

Image: Photo: Danka & Peter/Unsplash

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Brian Hamilton

Shows like Shark Tank are introducing more people to entrepreneurship, or at least a part of it, than ever before. Yet, despite entrepreneurship's popularity, the number of people starting new businesses has actually gone down.

In 1985, according to data from the Census Bureau, about one in eight companies was less than a year old. Thirty years later, in 2015, that ratio was approximately one in 12. I can't help but wonder if the attention on entrepreneurship brought about by shows like Shark Tank is contributing to the slide in new businesses. Hear me out.


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European universities are getting better at promoting entrepreneurship, helping students turn their ideas into useful products and services, experts at this year's European University Association (EUA) annual conference have stressed.

Drawing on examples from across Europe, EUA Senior Advisor Andrée Sursock said that the key factors for developing entrepreneurship were collaboration, sharing knowledge and allowing students to take their own initiative.


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Bernhard Schroeder

When you think of Tony Hawk or Shaun White, do you think of them as entrepreneurs or do you recognize them as simply a “skater and snowboarder?” If so, it should surprise you to learn about the successful multi-million dollar companies built by these two action sports athletes. From products to clothing to video games and real estate, these two entrepreneurs have achieved a fair amount of success. They may have never intended to create businesses but they certainly seized the opportunity to create products or companies that leveraged their passions or interests.


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We all have had setbacks in business – the challenge is learn from each one to improve skills and decision making, rather than let failures get you down and reduce your chances of ever achieving success. The best entrepreneurs and business owners have experienced failure multiple times before bouncing back to a level of achievement they only dreamed of.

Image: Mark Cuban image via Flickr by jdlasica 

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Rahul Varshneya

A common challenge founders face when they outsource to a software development company is tracking the performance of developers. Since you cannot really monitor the outsourced team on a full-time basis, it is critical to know whether your investment in hiring developers is justified.

Performance, being a qualitative trait, poses measurability challenges. There is no single metric which would lead you to a definitive answer. Knowledge about the goals to track and the areas to focus on can bring you closer to performance measurement of the outsourced developers as a whole.


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Lenny Mendonca

Lenny Mendonca: I could not be more thrilled to be here at LAEDC, a place that helps people achieve the dream that they came to California for. LAEDC is a role model for regional cross-sector collaboration that focuses on ensuring that the region works for all. These are challenges in front of us that we need to tackle.

I’m here to explain the framing and perspective that I bring as our new Governor’s chief economic and business advisor, and how I think about these challenges and what we might be able to do about them.


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When was the last time you had a really good idea? Maybe they sneak up on you when you’re drifting off to sleep. Or perhaps you just don’t have time to let the creative juices flow.

As the United Nations’ World Creativity and Innovation Day shows, there are many reasons why we should make space in our daily lives to think, dream and innovate. But did you know…?


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Innovation is what creates progress and change. Without the introduction of new ideas and processes, we'd never get any further in life than where we are right now. In business, specifically, innovation means changes to technology and the economy. By always releasing a new, better product, companies constantly up the game to be better in every field.

Here are some of the best innovators to watch in 2019...

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