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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.


Ask any entrepreneur why they went into business, and improving their quality of life will almost always rank in the top three answers. And more often than not, the location of the business and where they live will also play an important role. According to research from SCORE, rural entrepreneurs are reporting a better quality of life compared to their urban counterparts. This is despite the fact they face more challenges when it comes to the workforce, access to digital technology, and funding. But overall, they seem to be more content.


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Third Frontier awaits DeWine s verdict

The Ohio Third Frontier program is looking to approve spending at least $82 million before the end of 2019.

The 17-year-old program, which has spent more than $2 billion to stimulate new business development, awaits decisions from the administration of Gov. Mike DeWine on its future. Earlier this summer, the Ohio Development Services Agency released requests for proposals (RFP) looking to invest Third Frontier bond money to help grow technology businesses in the state.


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mortar and pestal

Rising drug prices and ever-increasing costs are two of the most debated subjects in healthcare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) predicts (PDF link) that we will see 6.1 percent annual prescription drug cost increases until at least 2027. CMS expects healthcare spending as a whole to grow by 5.7 percent per year for the same timeframe. 


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To those who have been following the space, it’s no surprise that 2018 has been a record year for venture capital investing in healthcare. With $28.8 billion raised through the end of November (and big deals like the $400 million Series C raised by Relay Therapeutics last week) startups in the sector have raised more money this year than any year before in the last 10 years that VC funding database Pitchbook has tracked investments in the space.


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City officials in Columbus, Ohio, could hardly believe their luck. In less than a decade, $850,000 worth of state dollars for local startup CoverMyMeds appeared to have paid off many times over. Drug distribution giant McKesson Corp. acquired the company for $1.3 billion, a state record. At each stage of its development, CoverMyMeds, which makes software that automates insurance approvals for prescription drugs and sells it to doctors and pharmacists, had been nurtured by public money.


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woman business

The age of automation, and on the near horizon, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies offer new job opportunities and avenues for economic advancement, but women face new challenges overlaid on long-established ones. Between 40 million and 160 million women globally may need to transition between occupations by 2030, often into higher-skilled roles. To weather this disruption, women (and men) need to be skilled, mobile, and tech-savvy, but women face pervasive barriers on each, and will need targeted support to move forward in the world of work.


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us map

Although startups based in California, New York, and Massachusetts have traditionally accounted for the majority of VC tech investment in the US, VCs are spurring other hotbeds of innovation across the country.

Using CB Insights data, we analyzed the most active venture capital firm in each state. We based our selection on which VC had invested in the greatest number of tech startups located in a certain state from 2014 to 2019 YTD (8/7/2019).


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Empathy, as a word, should rightfully be listed down as a synonym for entrepreneurship in thesauruses worldwide. As an entrepreneur, one comes face to face with thousands of challenges on a daily basis, every element of running a business puts your grit to test, every day. For an entrepreneur, it is most important to be able to understand, to respond to a situation as opposed to reacting to it. 


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Advice that tech leaders would give their teenage selves Business Insider

The people we've come to associate with the most successful technology companies were once relatively unknown names with big dreams. So if they could do it all over again, would they do it any differently?

The answer to this commonly-asked interview question tells us what we want to learn from the people who have, in our eyes, "made it." And leaders in the tech industry are successful because they created something — or saw potential in something — in a way that no one else did. The advice they would give their younger selves, then, is often informative and motivational.

Image: A photo of Bill Gates from 1992. AP Photo

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