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It's now UWC4C: Technology Transfer becomes the Center for Commercialization The UW Office of Technology Transfer is changing its name to the Center for Commercialization, or UWC4C, thus better reflecting what its leader sees as its expanded role at the University.

"I think a name conveys a lot, and I hope this one conveys a proactive, full-service group of commercialization experts committed to long-term relationships with UW researchers," said Linden Rhoads, vice provost and executive director for UW Technology Transfer.

University Tech Transfer was largely created by the passage of the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980. Under the terms of that act, intellectual property coming out of federally funded research -- which previously had gone back to the federal government -- was allowed to remain with the research institution, provided the research institution followed certain rules. After it was passed, tech transfer offices sprang up at universities across the country to handle intellectual property and pursue licensing opportunities for it.

Since 1980, however, the practice has continually evolved, and the UW office has been striving to find successful models for supporting researchers with their commercialization goals.

"With the support of the University's senior administration, our office is building on and learning from our past successes," Rhoads said. "We are challenging ourselves to provide unparalleled service to UW investigators."

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Author: Nancy Wick