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Biosciences and Job Growth

America’s bioscience industry is helping to diversify and grow the U.S. economy. American bioscience innovations in health, energy and agriculture are creating high-skill, high-wage jobs, driving economic growth and output and helping to improve the quality of life for Americans from coast to coast.

Defining the "Biosciences"

The biosciences are a diverse group of industries and activities with a common link- they apply knowledge of the way in which plants, animals, and humans function. The sector spans different markets and includes manufacturing, services, and research activities. By definition, the biosciences are a unique industry cluster and are constantly changing to incorporate the latest research and scientific discoveries. The bioscience industry sector is defined as including the following four subsectors:

* Agricultural feedstock and chemicals
* Drugs and pharmaceuticals
* Medical devices and equipment
* Research, testing, and medical labs

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