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A nonprofit is considering Montgomery County as the site of a global pandemic center that would focus on prevention, research and response.

The Global Pandemic Prevention and Biodefense Center would serve as the “world’s epicenter” for pandemic prevention and biodefense ecosystem coordination.

County Council Member Hans Riemer proposed a $500,000 special appropriation to help fund the strategy phase of the project, which began in December. The appropriation was introduced at the council’s meeting on Tuesday.


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white house

The number of changes being implemented by the new administration in the White House are likely too many to count. And while many are significant, one strikes a chord with the scientific community in a very meaningful way. In the days leading up to his inauguration, President Biden made it clear that science is a priority. He has backed that up with several recent announcements.


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PRESS RELEASE The National Launch of Resilience Accelerator Initiative and Innovation Hub Collaboratory pdf

HOUSTON, Texas and NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2021—The Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) and ResilientH20 Partners today are announcing the Resilience Innovation Hub is expanding its national leadership team and partnership network.

Supported by the Triple-I, the Resilience Innovation Hub allows private and public sector entities to collaborate and bring-to-market resilience and disaster mitigation technologies, platform solutions, and projects. Moreover, the Hub connects investors and governments to spark increased commercialization of novel ideas from entrepreneurs, inventors, and academic institutions. Through a series of National Town Halls among thought-leaders and Lightning Round pitch sessions, the Hub highlighted last year disaster mitigation opportunities for the insurance, reinsurance, and alternative financing markets, while directly impacting resilience across the public and private sectors.


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The past five weeks have brought an array of conflicting news on the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting our estimates about when the coronavirus pandemic will end. Margaret Keenan, a British nonagenarian, made history on December 8 by becoming the first person to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 outside a clinical trial.1 Since then, several other vaccines have been authorized for use around the world. Sufficient doses are likely to be available to vaccinate high-risk populations in the United States in the first half of 2021. In parallel, however, more-infectious strains of the virus have been detected in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere and have spread to an increasing number of countries.2 And the initial rollout of vaccines has been slower than hoped in many places.3


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Woffice spacehen COVID-19 forced much of the world quickly to shut down offices, factories, schools, shops and restaurants, and pushed hundreds of millions of people into remote, makeshift workspaces, no one knew how it would all turn out. 

Now we know a lot more—and a lot is quite positive. For millions of people, working from home is feasible, welcomed and productive, even if many companies had to scramble to go digital. Sorting out the fine points will occupy companies throughout 2021, as they analyse the workforce data they’ve been collecting and put what they’ve learned into action.


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Elon Musk is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and engineer. - Wikipedia

There is no doubt that perseverance does pay off. A video game creator set out to get Elon Musk's attention and he succeeded! After 154 attempts to reach the CEO of SpaceX via Twitter , the enthusiastic programmer got a response.

The independent developer Lyubomir Vladimirov , promised to publish the same message for the daily businessman for a year. His intention was to ask Musk for permission to develop a game inspired by SpaceX , his space exploration company.

Image: Elon Musk is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and engineer. - Wikipedia

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WE’RE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS, NOT YET. ONE year after the first case of COVID-19 was detected in the U.S., more than 400,000 people have died and thousands of businesses have shuttered. On the political front, our democracy endured a months long campaign to subvert the presidential election, culminating in a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. But at Fast Company, we're also looking to the future. Amid the horrors of 2020, we saw the world awaken to the power of new technology and radical ideas, from mRNA and BLM to satellite internet and sustainable fashion. So as a new president takes office with a mandate to build back better, we’re pausing to reflect on these lights in the darkness. Here are 21 reasons to hope in 2021.

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Johnson and Johnson Innovation

For too long, the face of skincare has reflected only SOME of the faces we see within our communities. We know there are a lack of consumer products available tailored to the needs of the Black community.

As the world’s largest healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson recognizes and embraces our responsibility for enacting change. Within our consumer business, our products must reach, have a positive impact on, and most importantly, serve everyone. Looking to the future of healthcare, we must seek out and support innovators from diverse backgrounds in order to generate inclusive solutions.


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Based on my experience as a business advisor, I’m convinced that most startup investors invest in the entrepreneur, as much as a solution or product. In that context, I’ve long realized that some players seem to command real attention, even if their proposal sounds far-fetched or very risky. The attribute most often mentioned in this regard is supreme self-confidence or chutzpah.


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OThese New Champions are the business innovators the world needs now World Economic Forumur society has never been in such a need to transform itself to adapt to the latest changes it faces – the pandemic, a lack of international co-operation and disruptive technologies, among other challenges. We have to work together to make the world more resilient, inclusive and sustainable.

Image: 'We have seen the light, will continue in this direction and encourage everyone to join the adventure,' says Peter Mulford, Chief Innovation Officer at BTS. Image: Unsplash

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Gustavo Giorgi

"Have you acted in accordance with the desire that inhabits you?" Jacques Lacan, Sem VII "The ethics of Psychoanalysis"

I am sure there are many more good ideas than there are ventures, and one of the main reasons for this is people's fear of starting them.

This article is aimed at all those who at some point imagined having their own business, resigning their job in pursuit of an enterprise or carrying out a personal project such as having a family and could not carry it out due to their own mental difficulties.


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Person at desk working on laptop

New data by Fenetic Wellbeing reveals that those between the ages of 25 to 34 years make the most typing errors. While those between the ages of 55 to 64 years were found to make the least amount of typing errors.

Typing is an essential skill that everyone needs to know to get ahead in business especially in the digital era where most of our interactions have gone online. Typing is important to boost your computer skills as well as prowess in texting. Good typing skills help you communicate faster with ease without making a lot of those pesky typos.


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