Innovation America Innovation America Accelerating the growth of the GLOBAL entrepreneurial innovation economy
Founded by Rich Bendis

altRichard A. Bendis is the Founder, President and CEO of Innovation America (IA), a global innovation intermediary focused on accelerating the growth of the entrepreneurial innovation economy Internationally and in America. Innovation America delivers a unique and customized five-fold mission as described below:

Innovation Focus
Innovation Sample Activities
GLOBAL ADVOCATE for accelerating awareness of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Early Stage Capital in stimulating Innovation- Based Economic Development (IBED)
  • Advocating Obama Administration to Create an Early Stage $2 Billion Dollar National Jobs Fund of Funds
  • Creation of a National angel capital, accredited investor tax credit incentive program
  • Making Permanent the R&D Tax Credit program and creating a transferability provision.
  • Creating an National Innovation Intermediary

INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER on Building Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

(Voted a 2012 Top 5 Innovation Speaker by Speakers Platform)


  • Des Moines, Iowa: “Creating and Implementing an Innovation Roadmap”
  • St John, New Brunswick: “Energy Hub Collaboration”
  • Qubec City, Quebec:“How to Build Innovative Clusters”
  • Heidelberg, Germany: “Transatlantic Innovation Collaboration”
  • Porto, Portugal: VI Cotec Europe “What’s New in Innovation”
  • The Hague, Netherlands:
  • The U.S. SBIR Program and Innovation
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Global Trends in Incubation and Inovation
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:
  • Global Innovation and Commercialization Trends
  • Iowa: Statewide Innovation Roadmap
  • Montgomery County Maryland: Interim CEO for BioHealth Innovation inc.,Innovation Intermediary
  • Russia: Innovation Road Map Development
  • Kansas: Implemented a Statewide Technology Based Economic Development Plan
  • Portugal: Innovative SME development
  • Philadelphia Region: Regional Innovation Cluster Plan and Implementation Strategy
EARLY STAGE CAPITAL Fund of Funds Consulting and Formation
  • Kansas: KTEC  Statewide Early Stage Fund Portfolio
  • Tennessee: Investment Mgr. with NEST-TN a Newly Created Statewide Early Stage Fund of Funds
  • Philadelphia: Mid Atlantic Angel Group (MAG) formation and management

PUBLISHING/Blogging: innovationDAILY (ID) a Daily Electronic Newsletter, reporting on the Daily Pulse of Global Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Angel/Seed and Venture Capital and Innovation Based Economic Development.(IBED). ID has over 1,000,000 unique visitors in over 185 countries with readership growing DAILY.(Voted 4th Best Blogger in the World by Blogging Innovation)

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