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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.


It’s January, and in many industries that means kicking off the new year with a trip to a big trade show — from Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, to the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in Manhattan.


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Teresa Amabile, professor at Harvard Business School, is approaching her own retirement by researching how ending your work career affects your sense of self. She says important psychological shifts take place leading up to, and during, retirement. That holds especially true for workers who identify strongly with their job and organization. Amabile and her fellow researchers have identified two main processes that retirees go through: life restructuring and identity bridging.


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Mike Phillips

When a new year rolls around, many people make resolutions in the moment, mostly based on impulse, says Entrepreneur Network partner Mike Phillips. The truth is, in order to properly achieve your goals, you have to create a solid plan.

 After making these goals, make sure you are celebrating the little steps you are taking to get there. This may involve looking at your own progress and blocking out outside noise. Celebrate your wins and continue to recognize the progress you are making.


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As 2018 drew to a close, Crunchbase News reported on a year of superlatives. With technology impacting a broader set of industries, we’ve seen unprecedented funding amounts in 2018 (projected to be up 56 percent YoY), along with a rise in supergiant rounds. Nearly $40 billion was invested in companies with at least one female founder, representing 17 percent of invested dollars in the year.


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The single currency, which was officially launched on 1 January 1999, has performed its role of shielding against crises and stabilising prices. However, the insufficient convergence of the eurozone’s economies shows the fragility of this incomplete construction. EURACTIV France’s media partner La Tribune reports.

The euro is celebrating its 20th birthday and it is a survivor. Its demise, failure and explosion have been predicted many times, from its creation to the financial crisis and then the sovereign debt crisis.


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The federal minimum wage is currently set at $7.25 per hour. However, many states and local communities have higher minimum hourly rates for workers. In fact, 22 states raised their minimum wage rules early in 2019, surpassing the 2018 total of 18. Minimum Wage 2019 To keep up with the rules in terms of your staff, here’s a rundown of where each state stands currently.


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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Gov. Tony Evers wants to make it a priority for the state's economic development agency to work with entrepreneurs and supporting innovation.

Evers on Monday announced the formation of a new committee within the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation that will focus on helping entrepreneurs.

Gov. Evers says the new committee will work with existing programs to support startup accelerators, seed capital funds, microgrants, investment tax credits and technology development loans.

Image: Associated Press

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Ben Franklin - Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons

As someone who is obsessed with productivity, I’m always looking for the latest book, idea, or tool that can help me accomplish more in less time. Sometimes, though, new isn’t necessarily better. Recently I found a good source of inspiration for creating a better schedule from the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

Image: Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons

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ocean wave

Sea level rise puts coastal areas at the forefront of the impacts of climate change, but new research shows they face other climate-related threats as well. In a study published January 14 in Nature Communications, researchers report that the energy of ocean waves has been growing globally, and they found a direct association between ocean warming and the increase in wave energy.


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Former Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz carried three rules to every team he coached: Do what's right. Do your best. Treat others as you would like to be treated. To him, these simple rules would help carry an individual or a team to their highest potential.

Your life as an entrepreneur certainly has its ups and downs. Every day, fear and financial stress can create anxious moments and difficult choices. In these moments, "doing what's right" must be foundational to you.


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Starting and building a company is all about leadership – formulating an idea, building a unique plan based on vision and experience, and forging a path over and through all obstacles. Yet the image of leadership in business is at an all-time low, according to national leadership experts, considering the political debacles, record business bankruptcies, and executive fraud cases.


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Peter Cohan

If I were to meet with its third largest institutional shareholder, Warren Buffett, I'd tell him that he's made a bad bet on Apple (in which I have no financial interest).

The reason, I'd argue, is that just because the name of the company is the same, its strategy has changed for the worse under Tim Cook. And that shift in strategy translates into a low chance that Apple will be able to grow faster than investors expect.


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