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Far too much has been written about Boston versus New York City. Sports rivalries and cultural differences have a way of coloring our world view to include startup companies and venture capital. However, the past few years tell about a much closer relationship. The real story is Boston and New York City, particularly versus Silicon Valley.

This week, we welcome Xconomy’s most recent addition to its coverage, New York City! While having started in Boston and expanded across the country, Xconomy’s newest addition reflects the growing ties and teamwork between New York and Boston.

Let’s start with a few data points. It’s always been easy to think about Boston and New York as separate worlds. After all, it’s 225 miles between downtown Boston and Manhattan—a journey that takes typically takes 3 ½ hours. In contrast, the trip from San Francisco to San Jose is only 48 miles along the 101, which in the middle of the night is under an hour. With traffic, well, that depends and can take as long as the Boston-NYC trip.

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Author:  James Geshwiler