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Daniel Satinsky, Russia Innovation Collaborative

While there are many examples of strong innovation ecosystems across the U.S., the biotech hub of Cambridge, Massachusetts is a prime example of how educational, regional, governmental and infrastructural support can help promote a thriving innovation ecosystem. After touring Tomsk’s universities, the Tomsk Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and the surrounding city, my colleagues at RIC and I believe the means and opportunities to create a similarly successful innovative city in Tomsk exists.

Key factors we see in Cambridge that can be replicated in Tomsk include:

  • Skilled management and talent: Cambridge and its surrounding cities and towns boast some of the world’s top academic research institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University and a local network of teaching hospitals, which provide businesses with top talent. The institutions in Tomsk can similarly generate a highly skilled workforce.


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Author: Daniel Satinsky, Russia Innovation Collaborative