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Barely a day goes by without news of some new accelerator program in Europe dropping onto my desk. In the last few days, for example, I’ve received notice of Poland’s Gamma Rebels (“a 3 month long program in Warsaw”) and Dutch group Rockstart (“intensive support to entrepreneurs for the successful start to their businesses during the first 100 days”). Recently I’ve written about a few others and spoken to a lot more: big accelerators, small accelerators, accelerators with international ambitions and accelerators focused on their home country.

Nearly all of them offer a Y Combinator-style experience: short bootcamps usually lasting two or three months in which entrepreneurs with an idea are given a little money, access to mentors, and the space and time to concentrate on building something. Several of them are part of wider accelerator networks spun out of successful programs, such as TechStars; some of them are closely related to larger venture capital companies, universities or government networks. All of them promise to take your startup and turn it into something bigger and better.


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Author:Bobbie Johnson