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"Chairwoman Velazquez, Ranking Member Graves, and all of the members of the Committee, thank you for holding this hearing on business incubators and their role in job creation. I am pleased to discuss how angel investors support innovative start-up companies, some of which work with business incubators and accelerators.

"My name is Peter Linder, and I am pleased to represent the Angel Capital Education Foundation, a national source of education and research about angel investing, and the growing community of sophisticated private investors known as “angel investors” who invest money and expertise in high potential start-up companies. I am a long-time angel investor in the Philadelphia area, having invested in 17 start-up companies as an individual and another 14 businesses through the Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Fund, which brings together 90 angel investors to invest in and support promising businesses.

"I also a member of ACEF’s sister organization, the Angel Capital Association (ACA) the professional alliance of angel groups in the United States and Canada, with 150 member angel groups in 44 states. More than 6,500 accredited angel investors belong to our member angel groups. ACEF and ACA work together to build the skills of angel investors so that they are better mentor capitalists to start-up companies and to increase the number of angels participating in high quality groups in the United States."
- Peter Linder

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