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Babson College Professor Joel Shulman has created a stock Mutual Fund of Global Entrepreneurs.  The new mutual fund, EntrepreneurShares, is based on the entrepreneurial characteristics of business managers at more than 400 of the best-managed, publicly-traded, entrepreneurial companies in the world.  Visit

“The EntrepreneurShares Global Fund hinges on a proprietary set of 15 characteristics deemed to make a company entrepreneurial,” says Shulman, “The Mutual Fund follows a 5-year track record of privately managed funds that has significantly outperformed peer benchmarks.”   

“Global Entrepreneurs have generated an annualized rate of return over 11% for the past 5 years, including the worst bear market since the Great Depression.”

15 Attributes That Define Entrepreneurial From Non-Entrepreneurial Companies

1.       Organic growth opportunities

2.       Above average ownership stake among key stakeholders

3.       Low SG&A

4.       Above average return on invested capital

5.       Sustainable growth

6.       Manageable debt

7.       Active strategic alliances/partnerships/licensing

8.       Aligned executive compensation packages

9.       Low executive turnover

10.    Transparent governance

11.    Long duration of key managers

12.    Low or no dividends

13.    Family involvement

14.    High EBITDA Margin %

15.    Other significant stakeholder relationship

To read the full, original article click on this link: Babson Professor Shulman Creates EntrepreneurShares:A Mutual Fund Of Global Entrepreneurial Stocks

Author: Michael Chmura