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STANFORD, Calif.--(Business Wire)-- "Make Saving Money Fun." That`s the task that thousands of students of all ages from at least 51 countries will tackle in the next week in response to a challenge unveiled yesterday by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. And the students` actions just may help people find a way through the global recession.

Free to interpret the challenge any way they want, students have just eight days to come up with innovative solutions and convey their results in a short video posted to YouTube. Called the Global Innovation Tournament 2009, the competition is organized by STVP at Stanford University for Global Entrepreneurship Week and run locally by over 100 universities, schools and other organizations. The global sponsor for the competition is Intuit Inc., a leading provider of financial management solutions for consumers and small businesses.

Stanford University Announces Global Innovation Tournament 2009 Mystery Challenge: "Make Saving Money Fun"