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Founded by Rich Bendis

IECWelcome to the website for the Innovation Economy Conference, a day-and-a-half of conversation on what American policymakers, business, NGOs, and private citizens can do to maintain the innovation that can drive economic recovery and ensure long-term sustainable growth.

As part of a yearlong, multifaceted commitment to galvanizing thought leadership around the “innovation economy,” the conference is presented by the Intel Corporation with the Aspen Institute, PBS’ “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer,” and Democracy: A Journal of Ideas as content partners to help the conference discussions.


Our speakers are leading educators, scientists, investors, legislators, business leaders, Administration officials, and other experts and policy makers. We will ask tough questions about investment in the context of the recession; American education; the conditions necessary to foster creativity; and how our leaders can ensure we sustain a leading role in the industries of the future, such as renewable energy, human health and bioscience, and communication technologies.


The conference also showcases upcoming innovations and you will hear from some of today’s — and tomorrow’s — most promising innovators.

The Innovation Economy Conference