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nitch*I’ll [Andrew Lane] be heading to nextMEDIA Toronto this week to take in the broader discussion and also moderate a panel with some incredible producers talking about bringing traditional media content into the digital space, and most of all, methods to monetize that content. I’m always excited to speak on these sorts of subjects because, for all the valuable content we consume on a daily basis - between the news, the weather, research, slideshare presentations, tabloids, sports reports, games, television series, web videos, iPhone apps and more - people tend to give it a pretty bad rap. Considering how long we’ve acknowledged content, either jokingly or legitimately, as “king”, I think it’s a little unfair. Content business models simply need time to reinvent themselves, and once they do “the king’s” crown will hopefully lose all traces of this recent tarnish.

If content is "king", then what's wrong with paying for it? | nitch*