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Australian AnthillTo succeed, innovation needs to be more than a nebulous desire to foster creativity in an organisation. It needs to be a concrete business process driven from the top. Roger La Salle explains.

It’s probably only in the last forty years that creativity started to gain momentum as a formal business tool that could perhaps be used to enhance the flow of new business insights.

Creativity in itself is a generic term. Its use seems to be more in reference to the cerebral processes and many teachers in the craft refer to left brain, right brain, free-flowing thoughts and letting your mind drift to allow hitherto inhibited thoughts to escape to the conscious mind where they can be captured, explored and potentially exploited. Indeed, I recall one recent conference where a presenter gave everybody a balloon to inflate, then on command asked that they be released to “freely fly around the room”.

Original Article: Creativity vs Innovation – A fool's dilemma | Innovation | Business Strategy - Anthill Magazine