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Journal Of Business EthicsThis paper explores the reasons for the less than optimal level of social responsibility demonstrated by some small-scale individual entrepreneurs (SIEs) in developing countries. The authors examine the influence of a number of contextual factors including: business environment; cultural traditions; socio-economic conditions; and both international and domestic pressures on business practices. They offer some suggestions as to the reasons for the lack of responsible entrepreneurship of SIEs and signpost important implications for promoting sustainable business practices.
Key Findings

CSR in industrialized nations does not reflect the way SIEs operate in developing nations. While some SIEs are managing to forge a responsible orientation despite situational restrictions, the number engaged in socially irresponsible business practices is on the rise.

To read the full, original article click on this link: Responsible Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: Understanding the Realities and Complexities « CSR International

Author: F. Azmat, R. Samaratunge