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A recent article in Strategy+ Business on The Promise and Perils of Open Collaboration presented seven strategies you can use to make your open collaboration a success that are worth repeating.

  1. Craft a Leadership Message
    The best CEOs articulate a leadership message that is both universal and of immediate relevance to a company's strategic needs. Open collaboration is a social process that needs to extend beyond R&D and penetrate the entire organization. For that to happen, a clear message of support needs to come from the top.
  2. Collaborate with Your Customers
    Keeping abreast of the changing needs of consumers in a global marketplace is a tall order. Open collaboration provides new ways to incorporate customers' ideas and in some verticals, you'll find that lead users can generate more than half of your innovations.

To read the full, original article click on this link: Sourcing Innovation: Seven Strategies for Open Collaboration

Author: Sourcing Innovation