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capitolIn Washington, a group of Midwestern senators, headlined by Charles Grassley of Iowa and Kent Conrad of North Dakota, have just introduced a Senate bill supporting the extension of the ethanol blender tax credit, as well as the ethanol tariff.

It raises the question, who are walk-walkers in the US government – who “walk the walk, not just talk the talk” on renewables and bioenergy. A cursory survey of 435 congressional and 100 Senatorial websites will find support for energy independence is virtually universal, but out of the 535 talk-talkers in Congress (and a lot more in the executive branch), here are some walk-walkers of note.

1. President Barack Obama. Despite pressure from environmentalists to dump (and dump on) biofuels, the President has remained steady in his support for a wide portfolio of renewable energy options, and — be in no doubt — when biofuels received a huge expansion of R&D and commercialization support via the Recovery Act despite the “food vs fuel” theatrics of 2008/09, “No drama Obama” was driving policy.

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Author: BioFuels Digest