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imgMost business owners I know go into business because they want wealth, freedom and a lifestyle of fun and enjoyment, fuelled by the money they expect to make from their business. Most of them end up horribly disappointed.

For most business owners, rather than becoming a gateway to freedom and fun, their business becomes a trap that imprisons them. In this article I’ll reveal why that happens and demonstrate how you don’t have to sacrifice your life for your business to achieve success. Business is fun for successful entrepreneurs and it can be fun for you. If it isn’t fun, you must be doing it wrong.

At a recent seminar for entrepreneurs I attended, one speaker, a very successful entrepreneur, asked everyone to stand and remain standing if they could honestly answer yes to the following questions. Think about your answers to these:

  1. You work on average less than fifty hours per week in your business. (That sent around 60% of the audience to their seats.)
  2. You regularly take at least four weeks per year vacation from your business. (That one accounted for another 20%.)

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Author: Greg Roworth