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BusinessWeek Logo Health-care reform was a tale of two Presidents.

The first, President Barack Obama (circa 2009), had the expectation that health-care reform could be driven through Congress and straight to his desk with little more than his mandate that it get done. Last summer, he demanded a bill on his desk by Labor Day.

Washington laughed.

His leadership was in question. The innovation that got this little-known senator from Illinois elected was nowhere to be seen.

Facing failure, President Obama (circa 2010) remembered the skills required to cajole a team into working together. He recalled the leadership and creative innovation necessary to craft a workable bill. In February, he held a televised address with GOP leaders at a Conservative conference. He crossed the country to attend Town Hall meetings and other public forums. He took an Ohio woman who lost her health insurance before being diagnosed with cancer and made her the face of reform.

On Mar. 21, Congress passed the Health-Care Reform Bill.

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Author: Robert Brands