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cloud cityBack in February, John Treadway, director of cloud computing portfolio at Boston-based Unisys, wrote that, "I think we might be at the very beginning of an interesting new phase in the evolution of cloud computing -- regional and local clouds."

Treadway rightly points out that local and regional hosting is hardly new, as smaller players have been "operating in the shadows of the big hosting companies" for many years. Such firms often simply resell the data center capacity of large players, he notes, but some of them have their own facilities. North Carolina's Hosted Solutions and Massachusetts' InetServices are two examples. Another is Minnesota-based's recently launched Reliacloud.

According to Treadway, it's only natural for some local hosters to start new cloud initiatives to keep their customers from ending up at Amazon, Rackspace or the like. "Some will be successful, while others will fail," he maintains. But he predicts that a market segment will develop for regional cloud providers.

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Author: Graeme Thickins is a technology writer, analyst, blogger and startup advisor. He began writing about cloud long before it was even called that. He blogs at, is a contributor at, and has guest posted several times at ReadWriteWeb. Disclosure: He has had a consulting relationship with VISI/Reliacloud.