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Washington, D.C.--If it's dirty, it's gold.

That's one of the underlying themes at Creating Climate Wealth, a two-day conference taking place in Washington, D.C. this week. Instead of talking about solar or wind, a large number of the discussions and talks revolve around cleaning up ports, recycling and other somewhat anonymous industries not generally associated with fresh breezes and blue skies.

The term "gritty green" was uttered by Craig Cogut, the founder of Pegasus Capital Advisors, a private equity firm with a number of investments in efficiency. He used the term to refer to iGPS, a portfolio company that specializes in shipping pallets fashioned from recyclable plastic.

There are roughly 90 million shipping pallets in the U.S. and millions more worldwide, he noted. Until recently, virtually all of them were made of wood. The plastic pallets weigh 45 pounds, versus 75 pounds for a wood pallet, he noted, which in turn reduces fuel consumed in transportation. You also don't have to chop down forests to produce them.

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