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puzzlepiece_apr10.jpgEarlier in the week we mentioned a preview of a presentation Steve Blank is giving this Friday at the Startup Lessons Learned conference in which he describes how startups and larger companies are unique and have differing needs. One of the ways they distinguish themselves from one another is that the roles of executives play out in very different ways, and sometimes startups make the mistake of hiring execs that would fit in better with a larger company. Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz wrote recently on this very topic and provided some hints to startups looking to hire execs.

Startups are young and small by their very nature; after all, once you get older and larger, you're not really a startup anymore. With that, they require a different style of leadership than larger companies. Startups need executives who are constantly active and who are hands on, and having passion for the company is a serious plus. The more the executives reflect the attitudes of the founding entrepreneurs, the better.

This differs greatly from the atmosphere created for executives at large companies. As Horowitz recalls, when he worked for Hewlett Packard, his job was driven by the swarm of outside activity which came to him and created his daily work-flow. Less of this, he says, goes on with startups, and at times a new exec not suited for startup culture can find himself feeling a bit like a fish out of water without any clue as to what to actually do. He calls this a "rhythm mismatch."

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Author: Chris Cameron