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Though the more ambitious effort to reform California's broken system of government through a constitutional convention was stymied this year, one thing has been made very clear: the craving for, and spirit of reform that launched the convention is alive and well in California and elsewhere.

In that spirit I'd like to suggest another group of five "radical" ideas for overhauling our government at all levels. Each is evidence of a much needed tsunami of innovation for the public sector. In fact, they're all examples of applying the energy and drive of private sector innovation to public challenges. They also offer the needed improvements in performance required for credible fiscal health in the years ahead. All are representative of the type of creativity we expect to see from the state that gave the world Google, Genentech, Avatar, and the iPhone. Better still, each one can be executed for less than the cost of placing a single initiative on a state ballot (currently running $1-3 million depending on the state), and together form the beginning of a portfolio of initiatives for concrete action intended to jolt the status quo.

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