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BusinessWeek Logo Lots of companies talk big about ‘sustainability,’ bragging about how much they are cutting energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and their impact on the planet. Many — from Ford to Sun Microsystems — now have vice-presidents for ‘sustainability’ or ‘eco-responsibility’ to oversee these efforts.

Some of this is public relations, of course. But proven reductions in energy or emissions are important, no matter what the original motives. And companies usually get a bottom line benefit. DuPont, for instance, pegs its ‘green’ savings at more than $2 billion.

But I have a question. How many companies are taking actions that go beyond providing an immediate or short-term payback? I look forward to hearing from readers on this question. But over and over, I hear from the ‘sustainability’ or energy efficiency gurus in companies that their efforts can be a hard sell. Both top execs and the guys in the factories or stores have to be convinced that the bottom line will be helped — or at least not hurt.

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Author: John Carey