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Second only to tightrope walkers, social innovators are people who often have to block out the world around them in order to get from point A to point B. The process of creating a successful social enterprise requires nothing less than total concentration, often at the expense of getting to know one's peers and following their progress. This blog post is an effort to reverse the trend by crowd-sourcing a directory of individuals and organizations who make up Canada's social innovation sector.

Please use the comments section below to highlight three or more people on this (very informal) Who's Who of Social Innovation in Canada. Add their names, organizational affiliation, and where they can be found online. If you feel inclined, contact the people you highlight and ask them to add additional names. I encourage you to select people whose work you are aware of but not intimately familiar with. The process of adding them to this page will serve as a reminder that we can all find a few minutes each day to step away from our respective tightropes in order to familiarize ourselves with the work of our peers.

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