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ImageIs there an entrepreneur inside of you waiting to escape? Have you been laid off and are thinking about starting your own business? Are you ready to make your first million? Do you know that you can build a better mousetrap? Do you want to work at home, be your own boss? There are countless reasons why people want to start a business. Some people who want to start their own business jump right in. They are risk takers. Others are more thoughtful planners who analyze the market and develop a comprehensive business plan. And still others have the dream but never take the plunge. How do you know if starting your own business is right for you; if it is what business and where do your begin?

The Right Stuff:

Do you have the “right stuff” to be an entrepreneur? Google “am I an entrepreneur” and countless tests and quizzes and assessments pop up that intend on answering that question for you. The assessments will have you check answers to questions that ask you if you are: Extrovert or introvert? Social butterfly or Loner? Risk taker or Low risk profile? Goes by the book or writes my own book? Self-starter or likes direction? and so on.

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