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altAs a venture capitalist active in emerging technologies, I meet with countless entrepreneurs looking for seed capital. Many of the start-up founders I meet are scientists with PhD's. These individuals are brilliant - indeed they are passionate about their ideas, inventions and products - but too often they lack the business and marketing acumen they need to turn ideas into successful companies.

This impression leaves me feeling a certain degree of concern primarily for the cleantech sector. If you are an electrical engineer designing cutting edge semiconductors in Palo Alto, I'm not worried about your business prospects; you'll be fine. If you are a microbiologist developing lifesaving pharmaceuticals in Boston, I'm not worried about you, either. And if you are a cognitive scientist applying air force simulator training to user experience on the Internet with offices are in Tel Aviv, I'm confident that you, too, are in your element.

 Here's who I am worried about: the fluid dynamics physicists in Texas developing better turbines for wind energy; the botanists in Nevada developing agricultural technology for arid regions; the civil engineers in Ireland figuring out a grid system for electric cars; Chinese desalination specialists bringing water tech to the next level; photovoltaic scientists working to solve storage issues in Spain, and the biochemists developing more efficient bio gas in Germany. Why am I worried?


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Author: David Anthony, 21Ventures