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There’s a lot of good web writing on corporate culture lately.  Business Insider has a series by Small Business Trends regular Lisa Barone on corporate culture and innovation. And Tony Hsieh of Zappos set off a wave of blog posts with his post about culture on Inc. There’s some great advice here. I really like Lisa’s list of major factors in corporate culture and innovation. And who’d want to argue with Tony and Zappos’ success?

But meanwhile, good as that advice is, I can’t resist adding some warnings about old-fashioned implementation, particularly as corporate culture applies to small business.

1. Culture isn’t Corporate in small business

We shouldn’t write about corporate culture in small businesses because small businesses do have their unique cultures but they aren’t corporate. There’s a real difference between culture as you and I deal with it in small business, and corporate culture in larger businesses.

To read the full, original article click on this link: 5 Warnings About So-called Corporate Culture | Small Business Trends

Author: Tim Berry