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During Barack Obama’s first Oval Office address to the nation, he called on America’s innovative spirit to drive future sustainability initiatives, particularly in clean energy. Innovation doesn’t stop at reducing our dependence on foreign oil; innovation pushes our society, businesses — small and large — culture and political process into the future. To help usher in a new innovation era, we will rely on forward thinking leadership, our human capital and find new resources to spur ideas, make those ideas appealing and measure our effectiveness:

Innovation Leadership
The first person that comes to mind regarding innovation leadership is hands down, Steve Jobs. He is the archetype leader with a small ego, meaning he respects the minds that surround him; a strong belief in and passion for creativity. Steve Jobs takes a steadfast, yet well-thought approach to change, a strong independence from other market players, and has the ability to put things into perspective. Under his leadership, Apple developed game-changing products, such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc. Although Apple only “invented” the tablet market with its iPad, Jobs found potential in the personal computer, mobile and mp3 markets and found ways — through innovative thinking — to make products distinctly Apple.

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Author: Ethan Lyon