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If you have never seen Doug Hall live, in action, this is a warning: Words and pictures alone cannot give a true taste of the Doug Hall experience. Count this as a mere appetizer.

Hall’s methods—assembled while he was on the new products team at Proctor & Gamble and fully-cooked when he opened his famous idea farm, Eureka! Ranch—are not as wild as they once were. Hall says busi- nesspeople are too uptight these days to tolerate too much fun, but he is still out to get your attention.

At a recent innovation engineering workshop, held at Sugarloaf, Hall demonstrated “meaningfully uniqueness” by juggling three green ap- ples. First, he took a bite out of each one before he tossed it, chewing and swallowing like crazy. Impressive. Hall then demonstrated a truly innova- tive way to do the trick—bite and toss, but let the apple drizzle out of your mouth like a rabid dog. Now that’s a juggling trick.

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