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Michael Schrage, writing on Harvard Business Review, has a message for you: You probably won’t be retiring at age 65. You can read the piece to find out why, but his bigger message is this:

The skills you need to do your job today aren’t the ones you’ll require to continue working after retirement age. Schrage asks,

“Based on your current skill set and competences, what do you think your workday will look like when you’re 70? Are you comfortable with the probability that you will be managing employees younger than your grandchildren? Temperamentally, do you think you’ll add more value as a mentor, a partner, or part-timer? More important, what will your (much) younger boss think?”

To read the full, original article click on this link: Invest in Skills Now for Working Past 65 | The View from Harvard Business | BNET

Author: Sean Silverthorne