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SWTN News Logouccessful commercialization of technological innovations leads to high-paying jobs and wealth creation; however, fostering and supporting an innovation foundation where high-tech jobs and wealth creation can occur is difficult in rural areas. Wisconsin’s rural areas are continually challenged to encourage research and commercialization of technology, which is at the core of a strong and vibrant innovation economy.

The newly created Wisconsin Small Company Advancement Program (WiSCAP), funded under the CORE Jobs Act, aims to connect the high-tech research and development needs of Wisconsin small companies with the technical expertise of faculty at the UW comprehensive campuses to stimulate economic growth, create jobs and educate students. Rural small companies will be able to leverage this program to support their efforts.

In a recent press release, Dr. Maliyakal John, WiSys Technology Foundation (WiSys) Manager, stated, “This legislation is one of the most important steps the state has taken towards connecting the intellectual capacity of UW System faculty and students with the unmet needs of Wisconsin’s small companies,’’

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Author: Pat Dillon