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Investors fly over a vast expanse between Boston and California when seeking start-up partners. Now Midwest US states are trying to make themselves a stopover point by creating new models to fund and accelerate innovations from labs to commercialisation.

Their efforts, including collaborative combinations of regional, state, and individual universities, come as yet another US study, this one by Battelle, found the US still is leading the world in biomedical R&D, but its leadership is “ours to lose” because of the nation’s neglect and failure over the last decade to recognise the reasons for its success and build upon its strengths.

The study was commissioned by the Council for American Medical Innovation. It goes on to outline regulatory and policy obstacles faced by America’s health care industry, saying, “American medical innovation now stands at a crossroads. Our leadership in medical innovation and the health benefits and economic growth that accrue because of it are at risk.”

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Author: Lori Valigra