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Innovation Perspectives - Don't Be Michael JordanMichael Jordan failed at baseball because he tried to be something he’s not, a world class baseball player. Jordan is still considered one of the best basketball players ever, but he’s not great a baseball. So when a company decides it wants, or needs to be more innovative, it ought to look in the mirror and ask what it will take to start to be something it hasn’t been in the past, and wonder why it will succeed.

Before it does that though, there needs to be a conversation about why they want to be more innovative. Just because innovation is happening in a lot of places doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, which is true of most changes. Take Coke and Pepsi as an example. Pepsi changes their look and their motto all the time while Coke’s are much more enduring. It’s simply a decision of Pepsi to frequently make these changes, just as it’s Coke’s decision to not change and both organizations remain very successful.

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Author: Ric Merrifield