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Kiplinger, font of finance advice, business forecasts and informational analysis, has released its annual "Best Cities" for the next decade list. But despite its focus on money, Kiplinger did not solely base its research on average annual incomes, salary hikes, or cost of living. Although those monetary issues are major concerns in choosing a city for living, people need more. They need art and culture, education and innovation. And these days, riddled by the economic and environmental concerns that plague large metropolitan areas, cities offering of out-of-the-box solutions also draw residents.

Kiplinger thought of all these aspects in creating their list.

In our search for top destinations for your future, we focused on cities where governments, universities and business communities work together to supercharge the economic engine. And it is no coincidence that economic vitality and livability go hand in hand.

Creativity in music, arts and culture, plus neighborhoods and recreational facilities that rank high for coolness attract like-minded professionals who go on to cultivate a region's business scene. All of which make our 2010 Best Cities not just great places to live but also great places to start a business or find a job.

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Author: Anna Marie Hibble