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Nick and Nora, the ultimate copreneursMy husband often says he’d like to work for my next company. I can’t imagine anything worse. But I know what he means: we don’t have much time together, and he thinks it would be more fun if we did. So the answer’s simple: build a business together. Right?

Maybe. Many couples do find this the ultimate solution to the eternal work/life balance questions, and there are nearly 4 million copreneurs in the United States alone. Estee Lauder was started by a husband and wife; the world would be short of a lot of handbags and shoes if Kate and Andy Spade hadn’t followed suit. I’ve interviewed copreneurs who are richly satisfied with their lives — but I’ve also interviewed former couples who feel that, if they hadn’t worked together, they might still be married today. The first bunch see copreneurship as an ideal blending of work and life; the others see it as a catastrophic risk. Which are you?

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Author: Margaret Heffernan