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You might have noticed a story in the last edition of Weekend Entrepreneur Links about the Chilean government's new attempt to attract budding entrepreneurs to the country. In short, they're offering young companies up to $40,000 in grant money in exchange for being willing to spend a few months building their companies in Chile. I think it's an awesome initiative, and here's why:

1. It lets the country sell itself. The idea of the program is that a key early stage, entrepreneurs are spending time in Chile. The bet is that Chile has enough to offer that those entrepreneurs will actually want to invest in Chile as a secondary (or perhaps even primary) business zone. Entrepreneurs will get to meet local officials, and the people who can help with red tape, making the country more appealing as an international starting place. But more than anything else, the entrepreneurs will be living there during an extremely tough but highly romantic period in their organization's life. Living in a place does far more than visiting it as part of a whistle-stop business tour to give people a sense of connection, and Chile is smart to play that.

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Author: Nathaniel Whittemore