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LYON, France, March 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded by EMLYON School Business and KPMG S.A., the World Entrepreneurship Forum is the first global Think-tank dedicated to entrepreneurs, creators of wealth and social justice. It benefits from the high patronage of Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic and gathers annually more than 100 international personalities, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, political leaders and experts selected from 40 countries.

Creation of the first "World Entrepreneurship Centres"

Argentina and Singapore are the first countries where regional chapters of the World Entrepreneurship Forum will be created. These chapters, directed locally by members of the think tank, will gather throughout the year local entrepreneurs and decision-makers who will debate global issues with their vision and experience of the local reality. These centres will be places of identification and observation of the best practices, and they will feed the debates carried out on a global level.

Five Junior Forums Junior in 2010

The Junior Forums, organised from June 28th to July 2nd, aim at preparing the exchanges of the World Entrepreneurship Forum. These Junior Forums are organised by and for students, entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Five countries will organise Junior Forums in 2010: China (Shanghai), Singapore, India (Pune), Morocco, and France (Lyon).

The organising students will invite personalities from the field of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, from governments and the academic world to exchange on the topics of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, and share their own recommendations.

The Project "Entrepreneurial Cities"

Based on the conclusions of the 2009 edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, a global research project will produce a benchmark of the cities that offer the best conditions for entrepreneurs. This project gathers researchers from EMLYON Business School (France), George Mason University (USA), Imperial College (U.K.). Several cities like Lyon and Singapore, already gave their agreement to take part in this study.

Publication of White Paper, synthesis of the conclusions of the 2009 edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum

This first White Paper on the topic "How can governments support the development of the entrepreneurship?" is the official synthesis of the 2nd edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum which was held in Lyon in November 2009. The White Paper will be distributed globally to entrepreneurs, governments, decision-makers and media in order to promote policies to support types of entrepreneurship that gave results in various countries.

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As of today, the World Entrepreneurship Forum is launching a new visual identity in line with its international reputation. Contemporary, emblematic, it seals the universal values which led to the creation of this major entrepreneurial event. Two crossed rings, symbols of the two faces of the earth, illustrate the global reach and strong dualities that give soul to the World Entrepreneurship Forum: Wealth & Social justice, Economic & Social, Sharing & Meeting.

The third edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum will be held in Lyon, France from November 3rd to 6th, 2010.

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